Open Backstage

Join us backstage and meet our staff who will show you our lobsters and some of the fish that are bred here. 


10.00- 12.00

Feeding of the seals

Watch the playful and curious seals being fed in our big outdoor Sealarium.

The Sealarium


Feeding in the Oceanarium

Watch the feeding in the impressive 4.5 mio. litre aquarium filled with sharks, thousands og schooling fish and much more...

The Oceanarium


Feeding of the seals

Watch the playful seals being fed.

The Sealarium


Ocean View

Experience the large Oceanarium from above and feed the fish yourself. Buy your own bag of feed for only 20 DKK,-


Ocean View


Amongst other things you can also experience:

  • The gigantic jaws of the Megalodon
  • The Quiz "The North Sea: A journey through time” where you can win an amazing prize
  • The drawing table where you can let your imagination run free and create your own pre-historic sea creature
  • The touch pool where you can pet a starfish or maybe even a crab – if you dare!
  • The Oceanarium containing 4,6 million liters of ocean water and the home of both the wonderous sunfish, thousands of schooling fish, ferocious sharks and much more..
  • Big Ocean Window – The largest interactive screen in Scandinavia on which you can get up close with the giants of the ocean
  • The Whale Researchers Hut in which you can get closer to the whale researcher’s work and experience the skeletons of the Whales of the North Sea
  • The Movie Theatre where you can watch different exiting movies for both children and adults
  • The Hunters of the North Sea – an all new exhibition containing 3 new unique aquariums with jellyfish, schooling fish and predatory fish
  • The playground that has many cool options for lots of fun

You will also be able to experience different activities in the exhibition during the day and especially selected activities will be announced on the speakers during the day appr. 10 minutes before start.

We have plenty of room to enjoy with 10.000 m2 indoors and 6.000 m2 outdoors. The entire exhibition can be explored completely safely. 


No sunfish in the Oceanarium

We don’t have a sunfish in the Oceanarium at the moment. Our latest sunfish had bad kidneys and died in January.

Through the years we have successfully had sunfish in the Oceanarium most of the time, but we have had times without sunfish before, when we haven’t been able to get any new specimens.

The explanation is that we either get the sunfish from Danish waters – mostly during autumn – or alternatively get them small from Southern Europe.

As soon as our vendor from Southern Europe can deliver new sunfish, we will get them flown in to their new home. When that will be exactly, depends on the possibilities of finding them in the open seas of Southern Europe.