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Face to Face with the Sea

Aquariums & Exhibition

10,000 m² indoors and 6,000 m² outdoors, 75 fish tanks and more than 8,000 fish and other marine animals.

The Oceanarium

The largest aquarium in Northern Europe

At the heart of the Nordsøen Oceanarium, you will find the gigantic Oceanarium fish tank.

In order to ensure the best possible environment for the thousands of swarm fishes living in this tank, the tank is in the shape of a 22x33 meter ellipse. Its acrylic windowpane has a thickness of 42cm in order to withstand the enormous pressure of the 4.5 million liters of seawater in the tank.

In the 8 meter deep water, you will find everything from the mysterious sunfish to elegant sharks, benthic weevers and flatfish as well as thousands of swarm fishes.

It is easy to get lost in the impressive scenery behind the windowpane.

Every single day, you are encouraged to join us when we feed the inhabitants of the Oceanarium fish tank.


The largest breeding predator in Denmark

Our outdoor Seal Habitat is home to curious seals merrily romping in the water

The Seal Habitat contains more than 800,000 liters of seawater which we pump in directly from the North Sea to ensure a water temperature in our Habitat that is identical to the temperature of the sea.

Here, you can encounter both species of local seals; the grey seal and the common seal.

From the Seal Tunnel, you can enjoy the elegant movements of the seals as they glide through the water and curiously approach the windowpane.

From the surface, you can feast your eyes on seals lounging on the shore to catch a warm ray of sunshine.

We feed and train the seals twice every day - and you are invited to the front row!