Group offers /

Not only for the family

If you are a group of at least twenty visitors, we offer special experiences in the form of unique guided tours. 

Visit the port of Hirtshals and the North Sea Oceanarium

We will visit the port of Hirtshals, where the guide from The North Sea Oceanarium explains the life on the port in the past and now – and what’s happening at the port on the exact day, you visit.
We will visit the North Sea Oceanarium as well. Here we can see seals, the Oceanarium and exiting exhibitions about the life in an around the North Sea.

The tour lasts 4 hours, including visit and lunch at The North Sea Oceanarium.

Price incl. tour, entry and lunch at the North Sea Oceanarium:

Per person if at least 20 prs. -  weekdays 349,- DKK weekends 379,-DKK

Visit the North Sea Oceanarium with introduction and lunch

Welcome to the North Sea Oceanarium and the exiting experience universe, The Expedition.

Price incl. entry, introduction and the lunch of the day (incl. a beer/soda) at The North Sea Oceanarium:

Per person is at least 20 prs. weekdays  275,- DKK, weekends 305,- DKK

Suggestion for program: 
Kl. 10.45 Arrival
Kl. 11.00 Feeding of the seals
Kl. 11.15 On your own
Kl. 12.00 Lunch
Kl. 13.00 The divers feed the sunfish and other fish in the Oceanarium
Kl. 13.30 On your own

It is possible to order coffee/tea and cake at the price of  45,- DKK per person.

(The combined price is only valid if you preorder)

Sleep with the sunfish - event

Now you and your family or football club, knitting club or something completely different, can experience the North Sea Oceanarium in a new and exciting way.
Community, coziness, creepiness and fun experiences are combined with knowledge about the wildlife in The North Sea, when you explore the aquariums and join in on feeding the animals. When the day is over, it’s time to rest – right beside the gigantic Oceanarium.

Toiletries, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (IMPORTANT – the floor is cold and hard), flashlight.
Folding mattress and fitted sheets can be rented for the price of 30,- DKK per person

Price: 6.300 DKK per team – max. 28 children + 4 adults.

Extra adults can be added at the price of 200,- DKK per person.
If there are more than 28 children, we offer a double-event.