Entry Fee

Entry fee at the entrance

Children (0-2 years): Free

Children (3-11 years): 110 DKK

Adults: 205 DKK

Group fee (min. 20 pers.)

Children (0-2 years): Free

Children (3-11 years): 95 DKK

Adults: 175 DKK

Expedition Passport for the children

When buying a child-ticket you get a Expedition Passport included. This is the key to The North Sea Expedition and hours and hours of adventure. The children can stamp the passport during the tour of the seven destinations and experience the adventures on their journey.

The Expedition Passport is full of fun tasks to be done and the Passport can be made personal by filling in the childs info.

For children above the age of 11the Expedition Passport can be bought in the Store for only 10DKK. 

Guided tour

You have the opportunity to get a guided tour around the exhibition or behind the scenes. The guided tours can be arranged for a maximum of 25 people. 

duration about 1 hour

1200 DKK

(Max. 25 people)


Behind the scenes
duration about 45 min

1400 DKK

(Max. 15 people)



The guided tour must be preordered by phone +45 9894 4444, at least 14 days prior to the visit.

In the high season (July and August) it is not always possible to offer guided tours, but please do call us and ask.