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A sea of deliciousness

Whether you're craving seafood or other tasty dishes, we offer a nice variety of great food. You are also welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it in our picnic areas. Here, you can read about your options.

The café

The café is situated left of the large oceanarium-tank. Here, we serve inexpensive, light seafood dishes as well as sandwiches made with fresh ingredients of the season. You can enjoy your food in bright settings with a view over Skagerrak and Hirtshals harbour. As of June, 2016, you can also enjoy your meal on our new terrace overlooking the Limfjord seal habitat.

See the menu of the café here

All dishes can be made gluten- and/or lactose free!

The kitchen stops serving warm dishes one hour before the rest of the North Sea Oceanarium closes.


In our outdoor bistro, Seafood, we serve delicious specialties from the sea.

Our Seafood bistro is open during our peak season from mid June until mid August.

Seafood might be closed on some days due to bad weather or a low amount of visitors. On those days, we refer to our café.

The ice cream hut

Treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream cone or an ice lolly in our outdoor ice cream hut. The hut is located near the Limfjorden seal habitat and you can watch the playful seals while enjoying your ice cream.

The ice cream hut is open during our peak season from mid June until mid August.

The Shark Shop

In our Shark Shop we just installed a Café Noir Coffee Kitchen, which is your guarantee of a luxurious taste experience when buying your coffee, tea or cocoa.

All products are UTZ-certified, and are served in biodegradable cups, which protects the environment against plastic waste.

The Shark Shop is open during the North Sea Oceanarium opening hours and is a self-service option. 

Picnic areas

You are more than welcome to bring your own packed lunch and enjoy it in one of our picnic areas. Inside, the picnic area is situated in the seabed room below the oceanarium-tank and outside, there are several picnic areas near the playground.