Right on our doorstep

A vivid model of the real Hirtshals Pier

The gateway between the North Atlantic and Europe

57:36N  09:58E     Depth: 2-9 m.

The pier is the gate to the sea. It's also an awesome fishing ground!

Most of Jutland’s west coast is unprotected from the sea. In powerful storms, the waves get up to 10 metres high. To establish piers on the west coast, it is necessary to build breakwaters such as this destination.

The piers are habitats for many different species, and therefore they are very popular among anglers. Flatfish like the dab and the plaice live on the sandy bottom. There are also small gadid species and during the summer, massive whitebait shoals and mackerel swim close to the piers and the eel finds hiding places between the stones.

Some of the sea birds that normally build their nests on rocky coasts can also find suited nesting places on the pier.

The protected piers create gates to the North Sea for the shipping industry. As such, they are one of the preliminary conditions for the fishery.

At the Hirtshals pier you can try to catch something with the interactive fishing rod – or buy something at the virtual fish auction. Afterwards, you can explore the harbour, build your own pier and much, much more.