What we stand for

Our purpose is to convey knowledge of the North Sea to our visitors. We touch down on subjects such as life in the oceans and how to benefit from the sea in a sustainable way while we exhibit a broad section of animals and plants from the North Sea.

The North Sea Oceanarium is a zoological facility approved by the state of Denmark and as such, we receive an annual amount of money from the Danish Ministry of Culture.

However, 90 percent of our maintenance and day-to-day running is covered by entry fees. Our attraction is a non-profit organisation and any profit is used to develop and improve the attraction. The North Sea Oceanarium is situated at the North Sea Science Park. Both facilities are economically and legally independent companies but they share a common administration and a common CEO.

Our school programmes

At the North Sea Oceanarium, we offer school programmes where we educate between 350 and 400 school groups a year. We teach school children of all ages about life in the North Sea and commercial fishing.
Though we mostly greet school groups from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, we also offer educational programmes in English.