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The course of a year at the largest aquarium in northern Europe

Besides the exciting wildlife in our aquariums, we have a lot of different activities and events during the year. You can find an overview of the events that take place, right here. 

Activities in 2020

January 13 - June 27

Hunters of the North Sea - With and without teeth
The spring theme takes you through the North Sea’s food chain, where everything revolves around the phrase: Eat or be eaten! There are many remarkable animals and hunting methods beneath the surface of the North Sea. Most people probably think; sharks, when they hear the word ‘predator’ - but they are actually present in a wealth of shapes and sizes! In spite of the fact that not all animals have teeth, they still hunt and eat other animals in crafty ways - some more bizarre than others. Did you know that a crab’s teeth are located in its stomach? Or that the starfish regurgitates its stomach out of its mouth to eat? The correlation between the animals and how they affect each other is the most important. Come and get a glimpse of nature’s amazing ways of solving the challenges of life for the tiniest to the largest hunters. Get up close and personal with teeth from sharks, narwhales and walrus.

October 10 - December 17

Hunters of the North Sea - The mackerel
One of the best known schooling fish of the North Sea is the mackerel. Autumn is the season for fishing mackerels and therefore this will be the Autumn theme. The mackerel is an effective predator who has developed special skills when catching prey. At the same time it is a popular target for larger predatory fish and therefore prey itself as well. In week 42 you can join us, when we dissect mackerels and demonstrate how they are able to perform its hunting strategies.

December 24

Christmas service
We’re open on December 24 from 10.00-13.00. We invite you to join our Christmas service with musical performances in front of the Oceanarium. Santa will come visit us and there will be feeding of the seals.

More than just fish

Did you know that The North Sea Oceanarium also is the venue of concerts and other exciting events? For example we are hosting the Herring of the year-competition, in which restaurants from all over Denmark competes about making the best old-fashion marinated herring. Multiple times a year we also host concerts with different artists. You can read more about these exciting events under Events and concerts on our page.