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The course of a year at the largest aquarium in northern Europe

Besides the exciting wildlife in our aquariums, we have a lot of different activities and events during the year. You can find an overview of the events that take place, right here. 

Activities in 2019


Hunters of the North Sea – Part 2 
The new large exhibition takes you on an adventure through the food chain of the North Sea where you will encounter everything from the smallest plankton to the largest predators of the sea. You can join the deep sea with Big Ocean Window, the largest interactive LED-screen in Scandinavia, where you can see enormous whales, dangerous sharks and giant schools of fish unfold right before your eyes. The 3 new uniquely shaped aquariums with e.g. jellyfish and the new fascinating exhibitions will take you on a journey through the food chain of the North Sea. The aquariums will be open from August. 

June 8 – August 18

Summer at the North Sea!
It’s buzzing with activities from morning ‘till night at the largest aquarium of Northern Europe. Amongst other things you can experience:

  • The Crab Coast where you can catch your own crabs (Can be closed due to bad weather)
  • Ocean View where you can see the large Oceanarium from above and feed the schools of fish yourself.
  • Ship o’Hoy where you can feel the weather of the North Sea aboard a fishing boat.
  • Fish Auction (July 19 and August 2, in connection to Hirtshals Fish Festival). Tickets can be bought here when made available.
  • The Whale Researcher’s Hut which gives you a glimpse of the life of a whale researcher and allows you to get up close to the skeletons of some of the giants of the sea.
  • The enormous skeleton of the fin whale of Blokhus (from July 10)
  • Amber Hunt where you can dig up the gold of the North Sea.
  • 2 x feeding in the Oceanarium – 11.00 AM + 3.00 PM.
  • 2 x feeding of the seals – 12.00 AM + 4.00 PM.
  • And much much more…..

August 1 - 3

Hirtshals Fish Festival
The Festival is held on August 1 – 3 and one again you can experience the fish market, delicious samples, fish auction, the lavish fish buffet and much much more. The activities are placed in and around the city of Hirtshals. Read more at www.hirtshalsfiskefestival.dk

September 30 – December 15

Autumn theme: Plastic in the oceans – what can you do?
The plastic pollution of our oceans is a great threat to our health and environment. This autumn we put a spotlight on the problem and possible solutions. Join us in the plastic hunt and see how much plastic is actually hiding in the sand. See the dissection of mackerels and help us examine the stomach contents for micro plastic. You can also learn more about some of the local actions taken towards battling the plastic pollution, and see how to reuse the plastic that is collected. Do you have a great idea on how to solve the problem of pollution? Then join the competition and make your own invention!

November - December

Weekend activities
Every weekend there will be special activities focusing on children. You can meet our kid’s guides who will take extra good care of the youngest guests. We will make Christmas decoration on November 30, and decorate the large Christmas tree.

December 24

Christmas day at the North Sea Oceanarium
We’re open from 10.00 AM – 1.00 PM on Christmas day. We invite you to join the Christmas service and music in front of the large Oceanarium. Santa Claus will also pay us a visit.


More than just fish

Did you know that The North Sea Oceanarium also is the venue of concerts and other exciting events? For example we are hosting the Herring of the year-competition, in which restaurants from all over Denmark competes about making the best old-fashion marinated herring. Multiple times a year we also host concerts with different artists. You can read more about these exciting events under Events and concerts on our page.