The fascinating life in the North Sea

We've been around since 1984 and a lot has happened since then but we've always focused on life in the North Sea. Today, we're one of the greatest attractions in Nothern Jutland and we offer fun and educational activites year round. Our oceanarium - the largest of our aquariums - holds a whopping 4.5 million litres of seawater out of the 6 million litres of water our aquariums contain in total. We have 81 different species of animals that reside in the North Sea and we're not only the largest aquarium in Jutland but in Northern Europe! Come visit us, experience life in North Sea up close, and embark on our expedition with your family. 

Join our expedition

The North Sea Expedition has seven destinations that will take you from the surface to the deepest point in the North Sea. You can visit the destinations in the order that you prefer and you can spend as much time as you like at each destination. The expedition is a fun and educational way to go about our aquariums and enjoy time with your family.

Your expedition begins at the large 3D-map of the North Sea area that can be found near the entrance. All of the seven destinations are marked on the map to show where they can be found in real life. 

The destinations represent biotopes that characterise the North Sea. We have meticulously picked the destinations for our aquariums to provide an insight into what the North Sea holds.

You can read about each of the seven destinations by clicking on them in the menu to the right.