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What do we do with our cookies?

When you use our website,, you accept the fact that we use cookies. Our website uses cookies to give you the best user experience, just like almost any other website does. Cookies are small text files, which are saved on your device, when you visit a website.

Cookies helps us to:

·         Get the website to work, as you expect it to

·         Secure high speed and security on the website

·         Better the website on a regular basis

·         Connect Social Media to our website via links

We DO NOT use cookies to:

·         Collect personally identifiable information without your accept

·         Collect personal information about age, gender or the like

Accepting our cookies

If your devices software is made to accept cookies, and you click your way through our website,, we presume that you accept our use of cookies.
If you make your device reject cookies, it might affect the user experience on our website.

Our cookies

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a statistical system, which we use to collect information about our visitors behavior on our website – for example which pages gets most visitors, and how often.
We use this information to better our website, and they are only sent to Google Analytics, placed at Google.

Session cookies
Session cookies help managing the activities you make during your visit on our website. Session cookies are used to recognize you, when you move around on the page.
We DO NOT save this information and it is automatically deleted after you close your browser. Furthermore we do not know this information. Please beware that cookies are shared with a 2nd party.

Additionally our cookies help us:
- remember what you have searched for via the search bar on our website
- remember what you have added to your shopping bag