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Buy your ticket online - then you are ensured access!

When you buy your ticket online, you save 10,- DKK per ticket. The discounted price is already active in the webshop. The discount cannot be combined with other offers. The ticket is valid from date of purchase until 30 December 2020.

A Season Pass is valid 1 year from activation date. The Season Pass will be activated during your first visit.

NOTE! Due to COVID-19 we have access regulations.

We are obligated to follow the guidelines about gatherings from the Danish government and as a consequence we have a limit of the number of guests we allow in our exhibition at the same time.

The limit is calculated from our area and is very dependent on the weather, since we have room for more guests on days where our 6.000 square feet outdoor area can be used as well.

We never let in more guests that our allowed number, but our experience is, that it can feel as if there are many guests, when everyone is walking around inside at the same time.

To avoid especially crowded periods, we recommend you place your visit from the morning at 10 AM or the afternoon at around 2 PM.

If we believe that the exhibition feels too crowded or we close in on our maximum capacity, we temporarily shut down the ticket booth and therefore the option of buying tickets on the day. We will then recommend guests without tickets to come back later or another day if possible. In these cases, guests with pre-bought tickets will be prioritized in the queue and will get access as soon as we have room in the exhibition again.

So buy your tickets online - then you are ensured access!