Join the adventure

Welcome at the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.


You can visit The North Sea Oceanarium again from May 21, 2021, if you can show a valid Coronapas. This applies to everyone at the age of 16 and above.
Coronapas can be shown either electronic or in paper format.

If you are vaccinated or have begun the vaccination program
Your Coronapas is valid 14 days after your first vaccine shot and can be used to gain access. You must be able to show proof of the vaccination in the form of an official document and valid personal ID matching the information on the document.

If you are not vaccinated
If you are not vaccinated, you must show a negative COVID-19 test. A PCR-test is valid for 96 hours and a “quick-test” is valid for 72 hours. The test must be valid upon by arrival to the North Sea Oceanarium. Both PCR-test and “quick-test” are valid and can be shown either electronic or in paper format. The most important is, that we can clearly read your name, time of testing and the result of the test. You must be able to show valid personal ID matching the information on the test.

If you have had COVID-19
If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you do not need to show a negative test, if the positive test is at least 14 days and maximum 240 days old. You need to be able to show the positive test either electronic or in paper format. Again, in this situation it is important that we can see your name, time of testing and the result of the test. You must be able to show valid personal ID matching the information on the test.

Remember valid personal ID
Common to all, you must show valid personal ID, matching the name on the test.

The experience

We do everything we can to make sure that it is a safe experience to be a guest at The North Sea Oceanarium, and at the same time making sure that it is safe for our staff to do their job. Therefore, you will meet the following changes, amongst others, when you visit us:

  • Announced feedings and activities may be cancelled or rescheduled, if we consider that it would not be safe, due to current Covid-19 restriction.
  • A few narrow areas and some stairs will be made one-way
  • The number of seats in the Café are limited to fit the current restrictions
  • We encourage you to use wireless payment


How do I buy a ticket?

We recommend that you buy your tickets up front, to ease the flow by the entrance and avoid queuing. You can buy your tickets here.

When you buy tickets in the webshop you must chose a date and number of tickets. If you cannot choose the desired date, it is because all online tickets for that date are sold out.

Tickets are only valid on the chosen date, so please check if you have chosen correctly before you finish your purchase.

Tickets can be printed or brought on the phone and must be shown by the entrance or scanned directly in our Fast Track.

Remember valid personal ID and Coronapas to show at the entrance.

If we have further restrictions or things to be attentive of when buying tickets, it will appear in the webshop.

How many guests do you let in at a time?

We are obligated to follow the guidelines about gatherings from the Danish government, and consequently we have made access regulations.

The number of allowed guests in our exhibition is calculated by square feet and is very dependent on the weather, since we have room for more guests on days where our 6000m2 outdoor area can be used.

We are typically busier on rainy days and generally between 10 AM – 12.30 PM, so we recommend that you plan your visit on a day with good weather and arrive at 9 AM or around 2 PM to avoid the usual rush hours.

We never let in more guests than allowed, but our experience is that it can feel crowded when everyone is inside at the same time.

If we feel the exhibition is getting crowded, we reserve the right to temporarily shut down the possibility to buy tickets in the entrance. In these cases, only guests with online tickets for that day will be let in, until we feel the exhibition is less crowded again.

Therefore, we recommend that you buy your ticket here, to ensure yourself access. 

What do you do to ensure distance between guests in queues?

The necessary distance between guests is marked with “keep your distance” on the ground, on all areas with tendency for queuing.

What do you do to secure your staff?

Our staff are all instructed on how to follow the recommendations from the Danish government.

In the Café and our Shop, we have plexiglass to protect the staff upon guest contact.

We have extra staff in the cleaning department – both in the exhibition and in the staff-only areas.

All staff are tested regularly and must have a valid Coronapas to clock-in.

How do you ensure distance between guests in the exhibition?

We encourage everyone to respect and follow the current restrictions and we have taken the following security measures to secure both staff and guests, when they are in the exhibition:

Distance markings and one-way areas
Several areas have distance markings and one-way markings on the floors.

Signs with guidelines and reminders
Signs throughout the exhibition reminding and showing current guidelines and restrictions.

Callouts over the speaker system
Every 20 minutes we make a callout on the speaker system in Danish, English, and German, reminding everyone to keep their distance and be considerate of each other.

Limited number of guests in certain areas
Clear marking of the allowed number of guests in for example Backstage, The Movie Theatre and The Whale Researcher’s Hut

Is the Café open?

Yes! It is possible to enjoy a delicious meal in our Café. You can find the Menu here.

We encourage you to only stand one person in line per family, if possible, to help avoid crowding in the queue.

If possible, please use wireless payment in the Café.

What have you done to ensure good hygiene and general security?

We have extra staff to make sure everything is clean during the day. All surfaces are cleaned regularly during the day.

There is also a large amount of disinfectant placed around the exhibition, making it possible to always maintain a good hand hygiene.

All staff respect the current restrictions and guidelines. If members of the staff experience symptoms they are instructed to stay home. All staff are tested regularly and only clock-in with a valid Coronapas.