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The course of a year at the largest aquarium in northern Europe

Besides the exciting wildlife in our aquariums, we have a lot of different activities and events during the year. You can find an overview of the events that take place, right here. 

Activities in 2018

The beginning of October

Focus on seals

Throughout this autumn, we focus on Denmark's largest predator: The seal. We have both harbour seals and grey seals in our outdoor seal-habitat and both species can be found in the North Sea. 

November - December Every open weekend we will have special activities focusing on "hygge". For instance, we invite you to come make your own Christmas decorations on December 1st. 
December 24 We are open on the day of Christmas Eve from 10 am to 1 pm. Join us for a Christmas service on front of the Oceanarium with music, Santa, and real Danish "hygge". 


More than just fish

Did you know that The North Sea Oceanarium also is the venue of concerts and other exciting events? For example we are hosting the Herring of the year-competition, in which restaurants from all over Denmark competes about making the best old-fashion marinated herring. Multiple times a year we also host concerts with different artists. You can read more about these exciting events under Events and concerts on our page.