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The giants of the past and mysterious sea creatures

Throughout 2021, we invite you on a journey through time around the North Sea. Let the traces of ancient life draw you back into the natural history of the area: from fresh seagull feathers over insects caught in amber and fissols from the Limfjord to 65-million-year-old petrified sea urchins.

The giants of the past and mysterious sea creatures

This autumn we will focus on the Giants of the past and mysterious sea creatures, so you can learn more about the creatures that roamed the seas millions of years ago. Which animals existed back then? Do some of those animals still exist? What traces of the past are left behind?

Join the journey through time and step into the gigantic jaws of the Megalodon, let the imagination run free and create your own prehistoric creature or show what you’ve learnt and do the quiz “The North Sea: A journey through time” where you can win a great prize. 

In the autumn break we will have extra activities to make sure that you can get cozy, have fun and learn all at the same time.