While we wait...

December 24th at The North Sea Oceanarium with christmas service in front of the Oceanarium


Are your children impatiently waiting for Christmas Eve? Are you tired of sitting or even standing in a crowded church to listen to the story of Christmas? 

December 24th we are opening our doors from 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM where we will enjoy the christmas spirit while we wait. We feed the seals and the sunfish and even Santa Claus is stopping by to hand out cookies and christmas spirit. 

12.00 the christmas service with minister Aksel Lindy Toft begins. There will also be a musical performance during the service in front of the large Oceanarium. 

If you are still missing the last christmas gifts our store is open ad has a variety of gift ideas. You will also be able to buy coffee, mulled wine (gløgg) and "æbleskiver" (Danish pastry) at favorable christmas prices! 

NOTE: Special ticket price on this day! 

Adults: 75 DKK
Children (3-11 years): 50 DKK

If you buy your tickets here (no later than December 23rd) you get a 20% discount! 






The North Sea Oceanarium opens


10.00 AM

Santa Claus is handing out cookies


10.00-11.45 AM

Feeding of the sunfish, the sharks and the schooling fish in the large Oceanarium

The Oceanarium

11.00 AM

Feeding of the playful seals

The Sealarium

11.30 AM

Christmas service and musical perfomance

In front of the Oceanarium

12.00 AM

Christmas singalong

In front of the Oceanarium

12.30 PM

The North Sea Oceanarium closes - merry christmas to all!


1.00 PM

We´re open again on December 26th at 10.00 AM