The conger eel's turf

When a ship sinks, it can become a new home to the animals in the sea.

A hiding place for the inhabitants of the North Sea

57:30N  09:38E    Depth: 25 m

The wreck is the sea’s most creepy place. You never know what is hiding in the dark, but one thing is for sure: If you’re afraid of large conger eels and ferocious catfish, your courage will be tested…

Thousands of ships have sunk in the North Sea over the years. In 1988, the trawler S 257 “Stornoway” sank on 25 metres depth near Lønstrup. The reason why the ship wrecked has never been established, but luckily all on board were rescued.

A wreck is an alien substance on the bottom of the sea and when larger ships sink it can cause pollution of the sea. On the other hand, a ship wreck also means new living conditions for many animals and plants.

For the diver, any ship wreck contains many experiences. There is always an opportunity to find exciting “souvenirs” that can tell stories of the ship’s history.

Experiences at the wreck

At destination the Stornoway Wreck. you can learn more about the wreck, build a seaworthy boat, play diving games, and crawl into the hold and study the life there.