Permanent activities

During a year, we have many different acitivites to engage in but we also have some activities that you can enjoy year round regardless of our activities based on varying themes. 

Every day

The North Sea Oceanarium opens

9.00 AM

Feeding of the seals

12.00 PM & 4.00 PM

Feeding in the Oceanarium

11.00 AM & 3.00 PM


Other activities


Join us behind the scenes where you can see our 'spare fish' and the young fish that are bred at the North Sea Oceanarium

9.30 AM -
11.00 AM
1.00 PM -
       2.30 PM                                                


Get a glimpse of our large oceanarium-tank from above and feed the fish (DKK 20,-). The entrance is found in the café.

11.30 AM -
12.15 PM 
2.00 PM -
4.00 PM

The Crab Coast

Visit the Crab Coast and catch a crab on your own.

10.00 AM -
5.00 PM


All day

The touching tank:
Experience exciting sea creatures up close.

The whale researcher's hut:
Enter the exciting world of the whale researcher!

Amber hunt:
See if you can find the gold of the North and maybe take home a real piece of amber!

Ship o´Hoy:
Come aboard a fishing vessel and experience the harsh winds that fishermen must endure at sea.

Nordsøen Moviemaker:
Direct your own little expedition-film with funny special-effects.

The Sea Box:
Come and play with the ships in our redesigned sand box - The Sea Box!