Experience our feedings

Feeding schedule

Feeding of the seals 10.30
Feeding in the Oceanarium 12.00
Feeding of the seals 14.00

Feeding of the seals - duration: 15 minutes

Come watch as our grey seals and spotted seals are fed twice a day. We train our seals to enhance the skills they use in the wild such as fouraging. We also train them to feel safe near us so that we are able to get close to them if necessary.


Feeding in the oceanarium - duration: 20 minutes 

It's always fascinating to watch a feeding in Northern Europe's largest aquarium - our oceanarim that holds 4,5 million litres of sea water. Our diver feeds the fish by hand and you can watch it all through the large window. The diver also carries a waterproof camera and you can watch what he is filming on screens next to the large window. It's almost as if YOU'RE the diver!