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The year’s course in the largest aquarium in northern Europe

Besides the exiting wildlife in our aquariums, we of course have a lot of different activities and events during the year. You can find an overview of the events that take place, right here. 


ATTENTION: The fin whale skeleton is on display in Blokhus until the 17th of July 2017.

24th of June - 27th of August

Summer at The North Sea! 

We have a lot of activities from dusk until dawn at the largest aquarium of northern Europe e.g

  • The Crab Coast is open every day
  • Ocean View is open every day
  • Fish Auction Trips (21st of July and 4th of August)
  • The whale researcher’s hut is buzzing with activities
  • 2 x feeding in the Oceanarium (at 11 and 15 o’clock)
  • 2 x feeding of the seals (at 12 and 16 o’clock)
  • Fish – a large exhibition about fish and health
  • See the enormous skeleton of the fin whale from Blokhus (from the 17th of July)
3rd - 5th of August Hirtshals fishing festival is held on the 3rd – 5th of August, and is once again contains a fish market, fish buffet, fishing auction and much more.. The activities are taking place in Hirtshals city. Read more: www.hirtshalsfiskefestival.dk
16th of September The day of the fish. Saturday the 16th of September is the day of the fish, which is the special holiday of the fishing manufacturers. The day of the fish is celebrated all over the country and of course The North Sea Oceanarium is included. The entire family is invited to join the fun and educational experiences with focus on fish as food.
From primo October ”The North Sea in change” – How does the global warming effect the wildlife in the ocean? How does the biotopes and the fish get effected by human made activities? We will take a look at this and much more in the fall. 


More than just fish

Did you know that The North Sea Oceanarium also is the venue of concerts and other exiting events? For example we are hosting the Herring of the year-competition, in which restaurants from all over Denmark competes about making the best old-fashion marinated herring. Multiple times a year we also host concerts with different artists. You can read more about these exiting events under Events and concerts on our page.