A big city under the sea

At the busy reef there is always something to discover.

Life amongst the rocks

57:20N  08:05E    Depth ca. 30 m

A stone reef like the Jutlandic Reef is a remnant after the last ice age. Back then, glaciers and melting water lead enormous amounts of rocks, stones and gravel out in the area that we call the North Sea today.

The stone reefs are like small oases on the sand bottom that constitute most of the North Sea. This creates ideal living conditions for the many small fish which cannot live on the naked sand bottom. Many different crustaceans live in the stone reefs as well.

A large part of the Jutlandic Reef is dominated by the orange coral colony; “Skeleton Hand”. Together with the sea anemones it makes the stone reef a both varied and colorful “water-scape”.

At the Jutlandic Reef, you can compete with the crab. Take the strength test and see if you’re as strong as the crab..
It is one of the strongest animals in the sea considering its size.