Management and committee

Current management and committee


Karl Henrik Laursen

COMMITTEE - The North Sea Oceanarium

Peter Duetoft (chairman), appointed by the municipality of Hjørring. Member of Hjørring City Counsil. Chairman of Hjørring Water Company. Term 1/1 2014 - 31/12 2017.

Jørgen Rørbæk Henriksen (vice chairman), appointed by the Region of Nordjylland. Falck rescue officer. Member of the reginal counsil in the Region of Nordjylland. Term 1/1 2014 - 31/12 2017.

Dan Andersen, appointed by the municipality Hjørring Kommune. Buiness trained. Administrative and logistics employee in fishing company. Member of the city counsil of Hjørring. Term 1/1 2014 - 31/12 2017.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn, appointed by the University of Aalborg. Cand. oecon. PhD. Chairman of the committee of the University of Aalborg. Term 3/3 2014 - 2/3 2018.

Rikke Mølgaard, appointed by the committee. Cand. merc. Sales- and marketingsdirector, Aalborg Airport. Term 3/3 2014 - 2/3 2018.

Niels Axel Nielsen, appointed by the committee. Executive Vice President, Technical University of Denmark, Chairman of the board for The Blue Planet. Reelected for the term 5/3 2014 - 2/3 2017.

Simon Madsen (employee representative). Elected for the term 1/7 2017 - 31/12 2017.

Tommy Christiansen, appointed by the municipality of Hjørring (observer). City Manager, Municipality of Hjørring. Entered as an observer i the committee 1/1 2010.

The municipality of Hjørring is a contributor. It is estimated, that minimum two of the committee members are independent cf. Reccomendations for Good Fund Management.